Our patented
Artificial Intelligence
MASSIVE data from
text, audio & video

In this age of information overload, this AI tool will funnel and filter the most relevant information based on your research requirements. In addition it will give you unique new data extractions from Video and Audio. For Quants – unique new alternative data for alpha and risk systematic systems For Fundamental or Macro research – an automated research assistant to confirm and extract your defined interest areas. Your custom “cliff note” assistant". Example industry applications; Financial, government, pharmaceutical, healthcare, compliance, surveillance.

Visual/Audio Analysis

Frame by frame extraction, storage and analysis of video/audio metadata. Time-aligned facial, object recognition, in addition to amplitude histograms.

Language Analysis

Entities, concepts, taxonomies, demographics, and sentiment extracted via Natural Language Processing, from flat files or machine transcription.


Interests, attitudes, opinions and other psychological metadata extracted from transcribed, or machine transcribed media.